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About Old

We're a Social Impact Company


Our Mission

To provide efficient irrigation systems as well as training on improved agricultural techniques to impoverished rural agricultural communities in Peru. Furthermore, to invest in agricultural technology and training designed to improve crop yields and standards of living for these communities.


Learn Our Story

Tradición Peruana is a social impact company that supports small scale Peruvian chili pepper farmers. Our goal is to support the low-income rural farmers through the sales of Peruvian hot sauces, made from the same ají and rocoto chili peppers they have been harvesting for generations.

Despite the importance of ají and rocoto peppers in Peruvian cuisine, most spicy pepper farmers in Peru remain in precarious socioeconomic conditions, living in impoverished rural communities, with little or no access to modern agricultural technology and training. This is one of the country’s main social problems.

At Tradición Peruana, we strive to alleviate these socioeconomic problems by investing back into these communities in order to improve their standard of living. The sales of our sauces in international markets generate a positive social impact for these small agricultural producers. For every 1,000 bottles of ají and rocoto sauces we sell, we install a drip irrigation system and train farmers working on farms averaging one hectare in area. All our products are 100 percent grown, produced and bottled in Peru.

Our peppers and sauces have unique and extraordinary flavors that can only be found in Peruvian cuisine. Indeed, we produce our sauces focusing on the flavor of the peppers and not solely on their spiciness. Our yellow pepper sauce is made of ají amarillo that is a yellow-orange pepper, the most widely used in our cuisine. Our vegan red sauce is made from rocoto, a red pepper that is the second most widely used pepper in Peruvian cuisine.


Meet the Producers

In Peru, ají and rocoto peppers are grown and harvested by close to 3 million small scale Peruvian farmers. However, these pepper farmers are among the poorest in the country. Most lack access to even the most basic agricultural technology. Without the ability to fully exploit the capacity of their farms, these farming communities are trapped in a cycle of poverty, often only producing enough to barely subsist.

Tradición Peruana aims to alleviate the poverty among these Peruvian pepper farmers by empowering them with new agricultural technology and training. Enabled with improved technology and skills, these farmers are equipped to bring about significant improvements in their economic resources and quality of life.

Our investments are in irrigation technology and agricultural training designed to decrease costs and improve yields of small scale farms in rural Peru.

Our Promise

We Provide The Best Single Ingredients

Our ají and rocoto seeds are carefully selected and planted on rich soils, in the high lands regions of the Peruvian coast.

Watered by andean rivers, the fresh new vegetables are then hand-harvested by our experienced farmers. 

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